me want some lemon juice!.

darla cooks

I was bummed when I heard the LA TImes was discontinuing their food section. Perhaps they’re not discontinuing it – maybe it’s that they are consolidating and into another newspaper section. Anyway- I love the Los Angeles Times food section! I hate to see it made smaller!  I’ve got lots of recipe inspiration from there. Just like the other day when I had all of those Meyer lemons and blood oranges. You remember? I posted about it here. It was a regular citrus fest!  A couple of days later I made these beautiful Meyer lemon muffins. I found this recipe in the Los Angeles Times food section. I absolutely adore these muffins! They came out beautiful, as you can see. A couple of things I had problems with: the wetness that the lemon slice on top created in the muffin it’s self. The lemon that I reserved to use…

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it seems that no one can ever take that name

maybe i’m not good in blogging for sometimes i don’t have that much time to visit all my sites and just write and write.,,,for i have my classes and too busy to study, to maintain my scholarship. i am a simple girl, friendly, i’m always free to your corrections.

i just don’t like people judging me if they don’t know me. try to be friends with me then that’s the time you can judge me.

to be brutally frank i hate people that are not true,people just know you when they have something or favor that they need you.

i am me.just me,

a newbie…

i will explore first this wordpress and hopefully i will blog here most of the time.

follow me!..


Scouting the world

Stairway to heaven.

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eyes is the passage to your heart..

Not So Creative

It has been extremely difficult to participate in weekly photo challenge. Most of the times i dont have the right image for it.. So i have decided to just upload a pic every week no matter what..

Kudos to those who have been clicking the right pics for every challenge .. !!

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